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Jobs Queensland and CCIQ‘s Workforce Planning Connect equips you with the tools for building workforce planning capabilities in business.

Download the resources below to get started with workforce planning, complete a workforce plan or address a specific workforce need.

Download the toolkit (PDF, 2.6MB)

The Workforce Planning Connect toolkit is a comprehensive resource designed to support small and medium-sized enterprises through the workforce planning process. The toolkit can be used to develop a complete workforce plan or to address a specific workforce challenge, opportunity or need within a business.

Download the guide (PDF, 680KB)

The Workforce Planning Connect guide is a short overview designed to introduce the concept and benefits of workforce planning to SMEs and outline the key stages involved.

Download the workbook (PDF, 2.2MB)

The Workforce Planning Connect Workbook is a practical resource for micro business and small enterprises to build a workforce plan in full or to focus on key activities to support specific workforce needs.

Fact sheet 1: Workforce Planning Summary – a summary guide provides an overview of the four stages of workforce planning.

Fact sheet 2: Calculating workforce turnover will show you how to calculate your workforce turnover.

Checklist 1: Workforce Planning – am I ready? will assist you in determining whether you are ready to commence workforce planning in your business.

Template 1: Who should be involved? Stakeholder planning will assist you to identify who you should include in your workforce planning activities.

Template 2: Knowing your business and workforce will help you understand your business direction and workforce considerations.

Template 3: Current workforce data and profile will help you to capture the key data of your current workforce.

Template 4: Workforce supply, future demand and gap analysis considers your current workforce supply against future demand and the resulting gap.

Template 5: Detailed workforce plan will allow you to develop a detailed workforce plan for your business.

Template 6: Workforce action plan on a page will allow you to capture your workforce actions on one page.

Download the flyer (PDF, 385KB)

Share Workforce Planning Connect with this double-sided A4 flyer.