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Project Background

Jobs Queensland has developed a suite of workforce planning tools and resources to build capability in workforce planning at an organisation, region and industry level.  These include Workforce Planning Connect series of tools and resources and the Region and Industry Workforce Planning Guide.

Utilising these resources, Jobs Queensland will partner with key stakeholders to develop upskilling opportunities and promote workforce planning capability.

Workforce Planning Connect resources will be refreshed and include the development of new industry focused resources, enhance the online learning design and explore opportunities to develop other industry focused workforce planning connect tools and resources. Jobs Queensland will also explore a partnership to provide workforce planning micro-credentialling opportunities using Workforce Planning Connect resources.

The Regions and Industry focused workforce planning guide will be expanded to build a tool kit, webinars and workshops to enable further support and workforce planning capability building across regions and industries.


The project is scheduled to be delivered by June 2023.

Last updated 21 April 2023