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Project Background

This project will analyse how individuals can build their capability to be ready for, and successfully lead, their future work transitions to enable them to participate in the workforce. It will also consider any unique requirements needed to support priority cohorts including women, First Nations people, migrants and people with a disability. 
The project builds on the Supporting workforces during industry transition: Key elements for success project and Lifelong learning: The foundation of future work report, with a deeper exploration of the individual perspective – what skills and capability will be needed to adapt to and navigate future opportunities.

Project stages

  • Stage 1: Initial research and targeted focus groups and interviews to be conducted with key stakeholders
  • Stage 2: Testing and validation of initial findings with broader stakeholders via an online survey
  • Stage 3: Further stakeholder consultation, particularly with target cohorts
  • Stage 4: Development of a research findings report.

The project is scheduled to be delivered by mid-2023.

Last updated 21 April 2023