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Project Background

Queensland’s economy is constantly changing and workforce will need to respond to more twists and turns than previous generations.

This project explores the conditions that individuals consider as they seek to adapt and navigate opportunities and challenges arising from rapid changes in the economy.

It builds on the Supporting workforces during industry transition: Key elements for success project and Lifelong learning: The foundation of future work report, with a deeper exploration of the individual perspective – what influences someone’s decisions around change and what supports do they need to assist them?

The research

The Supporting individuals in the transition to future work framework provides strategic advice to government, businesses, communities and individuals to help them make informed choices about career transitions, particularly in industries facing disruption.

The research focuses on the circumstances individuals take into consideration when faced with voluntary or involuntary career changes. This can include age, finances, skill levels, career knowledge, and location.

It explores barriers in work transitions and considers unique requirements needed to support priority cohorts including women, First Nations people, culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) people, people with a disability and mature age workers.


(PDF, 823 KB)

The framework

The research identifies strategies to address priority cohorts to successfully transition to future work. The four elements of the framework:

    1. Work transitions could be enhanced with consideration of diversity and inclusion.
    2. The importance of local support for people and regions/communities in areas facing industry adjustment.
    3. Employers and government should continue to engage early and communicate regularly with workers facing transitions.
    4. The importance of strengthening career development to recognise skill transferability as an integral part of the transition of workers.


Individual transition framework graphic

Last updated 12 December 2023