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Economic development is a key priority throughout Queensland as a mechanism for building the strength and resilience of regions and industries. Investing in developing a skilled workforce is an essential driver of region and industry economic growth. Without a suitably skilled workforce, many industry and economic development strategies will not be able to be effectively realised.




Region and industry workforce planning guide


(PDF, 342 KB)


The Region and industry workforce planning guide recognises that Queensland’s regions are varied and characterised by economic diversity and varied employment opportunities and challenges. Each region requires a highly skilled workforce that aligns with the unique and natural advantages of their region.


Queensland industries all experience industry transition, a continual event in an industry’s life cycle. Depending on their speed, magnitude and severity, industry transitions can have a variety of economic and social impacts on enterprises and their workforce in regions and communities. The impact of industry transitions can be challenging as industry responds to various disruptions. However, industry transition can also be experienced positively by enterprises and individuals.

Effective workforce planning at a region or industry level has the potential to grow that region or industry; it is a collaborative partnership between key stakeholders, led by region or industry leaders and supported by sound evidence.

This guide outlines a four stage approach to developing a region or industry workforce plan.

  • Stage 1 – Get started
  • Stage 2 – Gather information
  • Stage 3 – Identify issues and find solutions
  • Stage 4 – Develop, implement and monitor

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Last updated 30 June 2020