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Upcoming webinars

Title: Supporting workforces during industry transition: Key elements for success
Date: Wednesday 16 October, 12:30pm–1:30pm


Industry transition is a continual event in an industry’s lifecycle. Depending on its speed, magnitude and severity, industry transition can have a variety of economic and social impacts on enterprises and their workforce in regions and communities.

While at times thought of in negative terms, industry transitions can also lead to positive outcomes for individuals, employers and regions. Positive outcomes can occur in situations such as where an industry grows at a relatively fast pace or where there is industry renewal.

As each event is unique, there is ultimately no set framework that can lead to success – so what should be considered when responding to an industry transition event and promoting positive long-term outcomes for those affected?

Join Jobs Queensland as we explore the findings of our research report released in late 2018.

This webinar will focus on what our research identified as the eight key elements for success and the role of skills and training in supporting workforces during industry transition.

We hope you can join us for this webinar which is being held as part of OctoberVET, coordinated by the Australasian Vocational Education and Training Research Association (AVETRA).


Recent webinars

Title: Workforce Planning Connect – Workforce planning for SMEs
Date: Wednesday 13 August, 11:30am–12:30pm


This webinar provided an overview of the benefits of workforce planning for small and medium size enterprises and an introduction to Jobs Queensland’s Workforce Planning Connect toolkit, which aims to support businesses through the workforce planning process.

Slide pack: Access Workforce Planning Connect webinar presentation.

Last updated 23 September 2019