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Strategic Plans

Strategic Directions 2021-22 (PDF, 120 KB)

Jobs Queensland’s Strategic Directions 2021-22 details our vision, mission and commitment, as well as our value proposition for key stakeholders.

Our Strategic Directions articulates our four strategic objectives, as well as the key initiatives that will be undertaken to deliver them. It demonstrates Jobs Queensland’s continued support of the development of a highly skilled and adaptable Queensland workforce; one that aligns with global opportunities, meets employer needs now and in the future, meets individual aspirations, and strengthens the economy and communities around the state.


Annual Reports

Annual Report for 2020-21 (PDF, 310 KB)

Jobs Queensland is committed to supporting Queensland to develop and maintain a highly skilled and resilient workforce to meet the needs of industry and individual aspirations into the future. 

During 2020-21, Jobs Queensland continued to undertake significant skills and workforce research as well as workforce planning projects focused on several of the state’s key employing industry sectors. 

In delivering its work, Jobs Queensland actively engaged with stakeholders across Queensland to inform its projects and ensure its intelligence and advice are reflective of the differing needs and requirements of the state’s varied industries and regions. 

Jobs Queensland’s reports and research have been highly valued by government and industry and have informed a number of recent Queensland Government strategies and policies, including Big Plans for Small Business Strategy 2021-2023. 

As we look ahead, Jobs Queensland remains committed to providing the Queensland Government with high quality research, analysis and strategic skills and workforce advice and continuing to play an important role in delivering a positive future for Queensland. 


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