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The information on this page aims to assist regional economic development organisations, industry bodies, Regional Jobs Committees, local governments and others to undertake workforce planning activities at a region or industry level.

Workforce planning has the potential to support a region or industry to attract, develop and retain the skilled workforce it needs to achieve broader goals or objectives. It provides important intelligence on skills and workforce priorities and informs the steps needed to have the right people with the right skills.

Region and Industry Workforce Planning Guide

The Region and industry workforce planning guide recognises that each of Queensland’s regions require a highly skilled workforce that aligns with the unique and natural advantages of their region.

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Regional Jobs Committee Support

Each Regional Jobs Committee is supported by Jobs Queensland and can draw upon our research and industry engagement to help identify their region’s unique workforce and inform training and investment needs.

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Regional Engagement

In delivering its work, Jobs Queensland engages with a range of stakeholders, including conducting extensive stakeholder consultation to support projects and strengthen strategic relationships.

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Regional Workforce Planning Projects

Jobs Queensland is delivering significant regional workforce planning projects for Queensland, based on best-practice workforce planning methodology, and partnering with local industry and community stakeholders and leaders.

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Anticipating Future Skills

The Anticipating Future Skills (AFS) series combines economic modelling with scenarios to provide employment projections for regions, industries, occupations and qualifications. The AFS Data Portal allows access to customised projections at the SA44 regional level.

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Supporting workforces during industry transition: Key elements for sucess

Supporting workforces during industry transition: Key elements for success assists businesses, industry organisations and governments to better understand the impacts of, and strategies needed, to support a workforce in an industry which is undergoing some form of transition.

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Last updated 3 June 2021