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Queensland agriculture workforce planning project

Jobs Queensland is collaborating with the Queensland Farmers Federation on a workforce planning project for the agriculture industry in Queensland.

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Anticipating Future Skills

The Anticipating Future Skills Series combines economic modelling with scenarios to produce employment projections for regions, industries, occupations and qualification levels.

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Future work project

Jobs Queensland is researching future work and what it will mean for Queensland, including Future work, future jobs: Preparing Queensland for the evolution of work report, a social research project, Future of Work literature review, and Future of Work in Queensland to 2030 – Evolution or revolution? discussion paper.

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Screen and Digital Games Workforce Development Plan

Jobs Queensland is working with Screen Queensland and key industry stakeholders to develop a workforce plan for the screen and digital games industry in Queensland.

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Queensland security industry workforce planning

Jobs Queensland is now working with the Queensland security industry to develop a long-term workforce planning and development response.

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NDIS workforce skills projects

Jobs Queensland is investigating the skills demand and supply to meet the roll-out of the NDIS in Queensland including a research project investigating the role of traineeships.

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Last updated 21 April 2021