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Project Background

With the rapid rise in distributed and hybrid workforces due to the COVID pandemic, the Digital Skills to respond to changing workplace environments project will analyse the increase in breadth of digital skills required in the workplace.

Jobs Queensland will collaborate with relevant industry bodies to identify place-based case studies and provide contextualised advice on skills development, opportunities and challenges for small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), social enterprises and the health and agriculture industry sectors.

  • SMEs - opportunities and challenges moving to an online presence.
  • Social enterprises - capabilities and challenges for digital business activities.
  • Health - skills development needs in the delivery of allied health services in regional and remote areas.
  • Agriculture - skills development opportunities to address increasing use of technology in agricultural practices.



Stage 1: Research

  • Conduct research into the increase in breadth of digital skills required (including Cyber Security), for successful entry to, and productive participation in the workplace as a result of accelerated change following the COVID pandemic including, but not exclusively owing to, the rapid rise in distributed and hybrid workforces.
  • Identify place-based case studies that will assist with developing the digital skills needed for changing technology and work arrangements as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.


Stage 2: Contextualise advice to SMEs, Health, Agriculture, Social Enterprises

  • Jobs Queensland will identify appropriate strategic partnerships with relevant industry bodies to support delivery of Phase 2.

The project is scheduled to be delivered by mid-2023

Last updated 29 November 2022