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Jobs Queensland is collaborating with the Queensland Farmers Federation to deliver a workforce plan for the agriculture industry in Queensland.

The partnership will deliver:

  • an environmental scan for the agriculture industry in Queensland
  • a workforce plan for the agriculture industry in Queensland
  • workforce planning resources and training tailored to businesses across the agriculture industry (leveraging Jobs Queensland’s Workforce Planning Connect toolkit and resources)
  • a workforce summit to discuss agriculture workforce issues, its future direction and identify innovative workforce strategies.

The delivery of the project is led by the Queensland Farmers Federation.

The Rural Jobs and Skills Alliance (RJSA) is the industry advisory group for the project. The RJSA's role is to provides leadership and advice to government, service providers and other organisations on employment, skills, industry training and workforce planning issues on behalf of Queensland’s agriculture industries.

Why the agriculture industry?

Unite and recover: Queensland’s economic recovery plan identifies agriculture as a foundational industry of the Queensland economy, well positioned to take advantage of new opportunities.

The Queensland Agriculture and Food Research, Development and Extension: 10-year Roadmap and Action Plan outlines five priority areas to achieve the industry stated vision. One of these priority areas is to support a modern and skilled workforce through workforce planning.

Further information

For further information on this project, please contact Queensland Farmers Federation on:

Last updated 30 April 2021