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Project background

Traineeships have traditionally provided an entry-level pathway for workers entering the disability sector. To support the rapid jobs growth from the rollout of the NDIS, many new workers will need to be trained on-the-job.

Jobs Queensland’s Building the NDIS workforce through traineeships report identifies strategies to increase the usage of traineeships to support NDIS-related skills growth.

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Key findings

Factors impacting on the use of traineeships and other nationally recognised training pathways in the disability sector.

This is a graphic outlining some key findings from the traineeships report. This includes: No training culture; Lack of awareness of pathways; Few traineeships offered; Some barriers prevent uptake. You can find this graphic and further information on page 6 of the traineeships report.

Key findings

Strategies to increase the use of traineeship and other employment pathways focused on three broad areas of activity.

This is a graphic outlining some recommended strategies from the traineeships report. These include: Challenging the culture; Delivering the right product to the right cohort; Overcoming barriers to effective training and workforce development. You can find more detail around these strategies on page 29 of the traineeships report.

Last updated 29 November 2022