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Project background

Jobs Queensland undertook the Ipswich Manufacturing Workforce Project, a place-based project, to support skills and employment growth in the region. Engaging with the manufacturing industry and other relevant stakeholders, Jobs Queensland coordinated a strategy to strengthen the relationships between supply and demand for skills in the region.

The Ipswich Manufacturing Workforce Project was undertaken in two phases and delivered:

  1. The Ipswich Manufacturing Environmental Scan (PDF, 724 KB)
  2. A Workforce Report and Action Plan for the Manufacturing Industry in Ipswich (PDF, 3.02 MB) (within the Ipswich Statistical Area 4 (SA4) region). The SA4 region is explained within the Environmental Scan.

A Regional Advisory Group, comprising key local industry stakeholder, was established to inform and guide the project.

By focusing on the manufacturing industry, the project aligned with and leveraged existing economic development priorities and strategies for the Ipswich region. In order to capture the largest number of firms possible, the project took a broad definition of manufacturing to include sub sectors such as food processing and defence.

The project also aligned with a number of other key activities delivered by Jobs Queensland including the:

Workforce Report and Action Plan

A Workforce Report and Action Plan for the Manufacturing Industry in Ipswich

Informed by the Ipswich Manufacturing Environmental Scan, Phase 2 of the project involved the development of A Workforce Report and Action Plan for the Manufacturing Industry in Ipswich that:

  • provided analysis of the current and future skills and labour demand and supply in the manufacturing industry in the Ipswich region
  • provided analysis of the workforce skills and capabilities required to underpin a strong, competitive and growing manufacturing industry within the region, now and into the future
  • contained a set of clear actions for Government, industry and/or other relevant stakeholders in the Ipswich region to address four key themes identified as key to building a strong manufacturing workforce into the future, these being:
    • Building business capability
    • Upskilling the current workforce
    • Engaging and building the future workforce
    • Industry support and networks.

(PDF, 3.02 MB)

(PDF, 463 KB)

Environmental Scan

Ipswich escan report cover

Phase 1 of the Ipswich Manufacturing Workforce Project involved:

(PDF, 724 KB)

Last updated 18 December 2019