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Project background

The Queensland Security Industry Workforce Development Plan 2020–2025 highlights the need for a collaborative workforce response to address rapid changes in the skills and workforce needs of the industry resulting from transformative technology and the changing needs of clients.

The plan will support the industry’s evolution and future growth through a long-term approach to workforce planning and development as it continues to be a significant contributor to the effective functioning of Queensland’s businesses and economy.

The 17 recommendations in the plan weave together the industry’s intent to drive positive and practical change.

The plan has been developed following extensive industry collaboration and input.

The Queensland Security Industry Workforce Development Plan 2020–2025 follows on from the Queensland Training Ombudsman review into training and assessment for Queensland’s security industry. The report included a recommendation for Jobs Queensland to collaborate with the industry to develop a long-term approach to workforce planning.


This is a thumbnail image of the Queensland Security Industry Workforce Development Plan 2020-2025.

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A thumbnail of the Queensland Security Workforce Development Plan 2020-2025 summary document.

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Key findings

In developing the plan, four themes were consistently identified by industry as crucial to the development of Queensland's security workforce.

A graphic depicting the four key themes that were consistently identified by industry as critical to the security industry's future - Increase attraction; Build capability; Improve retention; Enhance collaboration.

These themes form the core priorities and recommendations of the plan, with the intent to achieve positive and practical change within the industry.

The 17 recommendations in the report weaves together industry’s intent to drive positive, practical change through collaboration with all levels of government, regional communities and local employers.


The recommendations fall into the following areas:

  • Increase attraction
    The security industry’s value and importance to community safety is recognised, providing an attractive career path for its current and potential workforce.
  • Build capability
    The security industry embraces a culture of professional development and lifelong learning by investing in workforce capability building.
  • Improve retention
    The Queensland security workforce is provided with access to support programs and career opportunities, fostering retention of skilled workers.
  • Enhance collaboration
    Queensland security industry stakeholders readily discuss and collaborate on issues relevant to workforce development.

Last updated 23 June 2023