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Project background

The Queensland Training Ombudsman report into its review of training and assessment for Queensland’s security industry included a recommendation for Jobs Queensland to collaborate with the industry to develop a long-term approach to workforce planning.

Jobs Queensland is now working with the Queensland security industry to develop a workforce plan that has a five-year focus (2020 – 2025) and will highlight the varied pathways to employment.

An Industry Advisory Group (IAG) is providing expertise, strategic advice and access to networks to inform and guide the project. IAG meetings have commenced and will continue regularly throughout the project.

Project stages

Stage 1: Environmental Scan

An environmental scan focused on the workforce and skills aspects of the Queensland security industry will be undertaken to inform the project. This work will include profiling the industry, its workforce demographics and its education and training structures. Analysis of the sector’s supply and demand for jobs and skills will also be incorporated.

Stage 2: Consultation - testing and validation of findings

The findings of the environmental scan will be tested and validated with industry stakeholders and other relevant parties. Consultation will also inform potential recommendations for consideration in the workforce development plan.

Stage 3: Workforce Development Plan

Jobs Queensland will deliver a workforce development plan for the security industry that has a five-year focus period (2020 – 2025). The plan is scheduled to be delivered to the Queensland Government by mid-2020.

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Last updated 21 April 2021