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project background

Jobs Queensland worked in consultation with industry to develop a Skills, Training and Workforce Development Strategy with the aim of advancing manufacturing in Queensland.

The project supports the Department of State Development’s Advanced Manufacturing 10-Year Roadmap and Action Plan (PDF, 1.8MB).

The Advancing Manufacturing Skills project was undertaken in three phases:

  1. Conducted an online survey of Queensland manufacturers and undertook an environmental scan (E-scan) to guide targeted project engagement with manufacturers undertaking the journey to advanced manufacturing.
  2. Conducted a number of regional forums around Queensland with manufacturing stakeholders to find out what they thought was required to develop a skilled and ready manufacturing workforce.
  3. Developed the Advancing Manufacturing Skills: A Skills, Training and Workforce Development Strategy for the Advanced Manufacturing Industry in Queensland, which brought together input provided by industry, industry associations and peak bodies, regions, communities, employers, unions and other key stakeholders for the project.


Manufacturing in Queensland is embarking on a journey to transition to the global environment of Industry 4.0 – the fourth industrial revolution. Low skilled jobs are diminishing as demand increases for people with high levels of technological skills, language, literacy and numeracy skills who are willing to commit to undertake ongoing learning and skills development.

Through business capability development and a highly skilled workforce, Queensland manufacturing has the opportunity to go from strength to strength. Advancing Manufacturing Skills is a skills, training and workforce development strategy to assist all Queensland manufacturers to develop the workforce skills they need during a time of significant change.

Rather than being a workforce development strategy for a small and very advanced segment of the industry, the Strategy has been developed to support all manufacturers in Queensland to participate in the journey towards advanced manufacturing.

Advancing Manufacturing Report cover

(PDF, 2.54 MB)

READ THE strategy summary
(PDF, 310 KB)


The foundation for the development of the Strategy was an environmental scan (E-scan). The E-scan examined workforce supply and demand for Queensland manufacturing with a focus on advancing manufacturing. It included both a statewide view of the industry and regional perspectives, based on analysis of impacts and drivers, current and future skills needs, barriers and current use of the apprenticeship and traineeship system.

Advancing Manufacturing Environmental Scan cover

(PDF, 476 KB)







The Queensland Government recognises that Industry 4.0 is changing manufacturing in Queensland to an advanced state. The integration of new technologies, digitalisation, nanoelectronics, robotics, and innovative production processes and systems is taking our manufacturing industry to a new level and will create exciting career pathways and opportunities.

Jobs Queensland, in consultation with industry, prepared the Advancing Manufacturing Skills: A Skills, Training and Workforce Development Strategy for the Advanced Manufacturing Industry in Queensland to advance manufacturing in Queensland.

On 17 December 2019, the Queensland Government published its response to the Strategy, Skills Implementation Plan for Advanced Manufacturing. The Plan has been developed to support manufacturers in their transition to advanced manufacturing and to create a highly skilled workforce that addresses the Strategy’s 10 Priority Action Areas (PAAs). The response is available at

Last updated 21 April 2021