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Project background

Jobs Queensland has heard from stakeholders that work, industries and skills are changing, and that there is a need for an adaptable workforce in our state. There has also been significant media attention on the future of work as we move further into the 21st century, with much reporting focused largely on technological impacts.

Through research, consultation and other activities, Jobs Queensland is exploring what the future of work could look like in 2030 for Queenslanders and our economy. This includes considering the implications for skills and employment policy of technological change, social and demographic trends, and institutional frameworks.

To learn more about the project join us for the Future work, future jobs webinar, Wednesday 5 Feburary 2020, 11am - 12pm.


Future Work, Future Jobs report


Future work, future jobs report cover



(PDF, 1 MB)


The Future work, future jobs: Preparing Queensland for the evolution of work report outlines findings and recommendations relevant to future work in Queensland. It builds upon an extensive literature review that identified changes driven by technology, demographic and social factors, and institutional and policy influences.

Five themes emerged from the consultation and research for the report. These themes have shaped 18 recommendations for the Queensland Government to support a positive future to 2030. Shared priority, purpose and responsibility towards a positive vision for skills and employment will underpin our future prosperity.


summary of key findings and RECOMMENDATIONS


Future of Work summary thumbnail



(PDF, 232 KB)

Other project resources

Social research report

A social research study was undertaken to provide a robust and Queensland-specific understanding of the complex and evolving area of the changing nature of work, and its impact on job and skills in Queensland.

The social research project covered employers and workers, and focused on four key areas: technology adoption; working arrangements; skills and training; and future support.

(PDF, 4 MB)


Other project resources

Literature review

The Future of Work literature review focuses on three drivers of change that can be considered as having major impacts on how work will look in the future for Queenslanders and the Queensland economy. This review of research provides an underpinning evidence base for this project.

(PDF, 1.04 MB)



The Future of Work in Queensland to 2030 – Evolution or revolution? discussion paper was released to facilitate statewide consultation. Jobs Queensland extends its sincere thanks to everyone who has participated in the consultation process.

(PDF, 600 KB)

Next steps

Further research is underway to build upon the work that has already been undertaken throughout the project, including in relation to:

  • how policy frameworks can support engagement in lifelong learning
  • the development of business skills and capabilities.

Last updated 20 December 2019