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Jobs Queensland’s Future work, future jobs research has identified lifelong learning as a vital workforce response to Queensland’s rapidly changing economy.

There are immense benefits to be gained from striving for a community that views learning as an essential part of peoples’ working lives and which has workplace cultures which value and encourage continual learning.

Lifelong learning: The foundation of future work describes a model for enabling and encouraging individuals to adopt a lifelong learning mindset and a rationale for industries and businesses to foster a learning culture in their workplace. It also examines how other countries and parts of the world are successfully building lifelong learning cultures.

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A model of lifelong learning

The individual is at the core of the model, emphasising the importance of a growth mindset, an enabling learning culture, supportive practices and accessibility of opportunities.

Supporting a lifelong learning mindset and engaging in learning and development are a responsibility shared by government, enterprises, employers, unions, communities and, critically, individuals. No single solution in isolation will be enough.

Lifelong learning value proposition

The benefits of a workforce continually developing are not only economic. Learning is a key enabler of social inclusion. It can assist Queenslanders to fully participate in our economy and society and provide a pathway into, or back into, the labour market for those experiencing disadvantage.

Industry experts and researchers agree that guiding individuals towards self-directed learning is critical to adapting to the rapidly changing economy.

Last updated 29 November 2022