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Jobs Queensland is seeking the views of Queenslanders on what the future of work will look like over the next decade and beyond to inform its Future of Work project.

While there is a wealth of national and international research on the future of work, there is much less research specific to Queensland. Understanding the Queensland context will be key to planning and identifying solutions.

To progress research on a Queensland perspective, Jobs Queensland has released The Future of Work in Queensland to 2030 – Evolution or revolution? and a supporting literature review.

The discussion paper considers three key drivers of change — technology impacts, demographic and social changes, and legal, institutional and policy influences. The paper also poses a range of questions about how these drivers may impact the future workforce and economy in Queensland.

We are interested in hearing from a range of people and organisations across industry, business, the community and education and training, to gain insights and perspectives about the future of work and what it could look like over the next decade and beyond for Queenslanders and our economy.

You can participate in the consultation by:

  • attending a consultation session
  • providing a written submission to the discussion paper.

The consultation is part of a broader project seeking to understand the implications for skills and employment policy in Queensland resulting from these changes in how we work, the structure of work, employment relationships, and the skills and training needed for the jobs of the future.

Outcomes from the research and consultations will inform advice that Jobs Queensland will provide to the Queensland Government.

More information on how you can be involved in the Future of Work project can be found on our website at

Last updated 12 April 2019