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Project background

Jobs Queensland has heard from stakeholders that work, industries and skills are changing, and that there is a need for an adaptable workforce in our state. There has also been significant media attention on the future of work as we move further into the 21st century, with much reporting focused largely on technological impacts.

Through research, consultation and other activities, Jobs Queensland aims to provide a nuanced conversation on the future of work and what it will mean for Queensland.

This project will investigate what the future of work could look like in 2030 for Queenslanders and our economy. This will include consideration of the implications for skills and employment policy of technological change, social and demographic trends, and institutional frameworks.

Future of Work project

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Project stages

The Future of Work project consist of three stages.

Stage 1: Literature review and discussion paper

  • An extensive review of the literature around the future of work and its impacts
  • Development of a discussion paper to be used as basis for consultation with Queenslanders.

Stage 2: Consultation and reporting

  • Statewide consultation on the discussion paper and supporting social research project
  • Reporting on findings from engagement activities and research to date.

Stage 3: Further research

  • Identification of further research on the impact of future work trends and models and their impacts on Queenslanders.

Last updated 10 December 2018