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The high-level skills and capability requirements of Queensland small businesses are the focus of a new Jobs Queensland report that was released on Saturday (12 June).

Jobs Queensland’s Future work, future jobs research, including the Future work for small business report, has informed the Queensland Government’s recently released Big Plans for Small Business Strategy 2021-2023.

Jobs Queensland Chair Donna Bonney said Future work for small business: Skills, capabilities and potential examines importance of skills and capability development to supporting small business recovery and growth in Queensland.

“Many small businesses across Queensland identify workforce skills and capability development as a key challenge as they grapple with the impacts of the pandemic and significant shifts in the way businesses operate,” Ms Bonney said.

This research finds Queensland small businesses need to have ongoing access to practical opportunities to develop their capability and skills in a number of key areas.”

Future work for small business follows on from Jobs Queensland’s 2019 Future work, future jobs research which identified small business skills and capability development as an important element to increasing small business productivity into the next decade.

“Jobs Queensland has identified six skill and capability areas which are fundamental to small business success and sustainability,” Ms Bonney said.

“These areas include finance, human resources, marketing, leadership and management and digital and data skills as well skills specific to the business and its operations.

“With 400,000 plus small businesses in Queensland, an adaptable and multi-faceted approach to providing capability development opportunities are needed and which reflect the diversity of businesses across Queensland and their stage of maturity.

“Building capability in areas like leadership and management can be important to helping businesses grow and achieve results.

“Similarly, harnessing digital and technology opportunities will be essential for many businesses as operating models change.”

Ms Bonney said there are a range of development options available to small businesses ranging from formal training to informal and just-in-time online courses and products.

“For Queensland, it is important small businesses understand the options available and that they have the opportunity to access options that are timely, affordable and fit-for-purpose.

“Industry, regional organisations and government can play a significant role in promoting and coordinating skills and capability development opportunities, but ultimately small businesses will need to take the necessary steps to build their skills and capability in the areas they need to succeed.”

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Last updated 22 July 2021