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Jobs Queensland has released a new report outlining findings and recommendations relevant to future work in Queensland.

Jobs Queensland’s Chair Professor Peter Coaldrake said Future work, future jobs: Preparing Queensland for the evolution for work examines the changing world of work from a Queensland perspective.

“This is a critical time to ensure Queensland and its future generations are positioned to be leaders and thrive in the economy of the future,” Professor Coaldrake said.

“There are a range of factors impacting Queensland industries and regions from technological changes and globalisation to social factors including shifting demographics.

“These drivers of change are not new, but what is unfamiliar is the speed and extent of the changes being felt across the state.

“It is critically important for Queensland that its employment and skills policy framework evolves with its changing economy and labour market.

“The continuation of forward-looking economic development strategies, innovative skills programs, equitable access to training and a focus on lifelong learning are all steps needed to empower employers and individuals to navigate this changing landscape.”

Future work, future jobs report cover

Future work, future jobs makes 18 recommendations across five key action areas to ensure individuals and businesses are equipped and supported to harness future opportunities.

Jobs Queensland Executive Director Joshua Rayner said Future work, future jobs builds upon an extensive literature review undertaken by Jobs Queensland.

“Jobs Queensland engaged extensively across the state with industries, businesses and regional communities as part of this research,” Mr Rayner said.

“Jobs Queensland heard that as work, industries and skills change there is a greater need for adaptable workforces and that the changes are being felt down to the level of individual jobs.

“This project also involved a social research study involving more 500 Queensland employers and 1500 workers.

“The findings from the study are providing new insights into how and why Queensland employers are adopting technology as well as how workers are adjusting to alternative and remote work arrangements and opportunities.”

To read Future work, future jobs: Preparing Queensland for the evolution of work, and to access the supporting research, visit

Last updated 21 November 2019