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Jobs Queensland’s Apprenticeship, women and workplace culture: A literature review, which looked at the impact of bullying and harassment on women in traditional trades.

The literature review was based on current Australian and international literature in relation to bullying and harassment in traditional apprenticeships, with a focus on its impact on women in traditional trades.

The literature review found that across jurisdictions, there are a number of common challenges:

  • the under-representation of women in engineering and technology apprenticeships
  • high non-completion rates for both men and women
  • the need to change workforce practices and workplace cultures to support diversification of the workforce
  • lack of defined career pathways on completion of an apprenticeship
  • the changing nature of work and the ability of the apprenticeship system to respond.

Additionally, the review identified trade occupations are traditionally the domain of males and outlines the percentage of women in these occupations has remained relatively unchanged since 1988.

This work informed the Queensland Training Ombudsman’s systemic review of support provided to Queensland apprentices and trainees, with a focus on female apprentices in male dominated occupations.

The 12 recommendations from the Queensland Training Ombudsman’s report have been accepted by government to support the state’s apprentice and trainees.

The recommendations outline additional ways to boost female participation and include engaging Construction Skills Queensland, Energy Skills Queensland, the Furnishing industry, the Motor Trades Association of Queensland and the forthcoming Manufacturing Skills Queensland to develop strategies for the employment of more women.

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Last updated 23 August 2022