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From a detailed database of employment projections to research into the challenges facing female apprentices, JQ has led the way in the jobs, skills, training and employment research space in 2022.

Our work this year has supported the capacity and capability development of several industries across Queensland’s growing workforce and supported the development of the Queensland Workforce Strategy.

Check out a snapshot of our year in review below, and in our Annual Report here.

Anticipating Future Skills Series

Job Queensland’s new research showed employment projections across the state and highlighted a whopping 281,0000 new jobs by 2025.

The detailed data which breaks down employment growth by industry and region, is used by industry associations and peak bodies, like Queensland Farmers’ Federation (QFF), to plan how to attract, train and fill these new jobs.

To delve into the data yourself visit:

Increasing workforce planning capability for small business

Micro, small and medium-sized enterprises now have everything they need to attract, train and retain workers, to future-proof their business.

Change is constant, and as we adjust to a post-pandemic work culture, business owners will need plan to cover known and unknown changes to their workforce.

These practical tools support employers to access the skills they need for continued success. Begin your workforce planning journey today:

Examining the Agriculture industry’s workforce needs

After thorough consultation throughout the state, The Queensland Agriculture Industry Workforce Plan 2022-2027 was released to address current and emerging workforce issues experienced across the rapidly changing landscape of the agriculture sector.

This industry-led strategic five-year plan, developed by Queensland Farmers’ Federation (QFF), Rural Jobs and Skills Alliance (RJSA) and Jobs Queensland, highlights four action areas to ensure critical gaps and needs are addressed by strengthening agribusinesses, promoting career and employment opportunities, and developing education and training pathways.

Read the plan:

Strengthening Queensland’s NDIS workforce

Queensland is set to double its NDIS participants over the next decade, with NDIS-related occupations projected to be some of the fastest growing occupations in the state.

The Strengthening Queensland’s NDIS workforce 2021 report, developed in partnership with WorkAbility, lays out industry recommendations and actions to take advantage of the upskilling, training and employment opportunities arising from NDIS funding. Read the report here

Apprenticeships and traineeships

Women face many challenges in the apprenticeship and traineeship sector. Jobs Queensland’s review into women apprentices and workplace culture, identified a need to change workforce practices to support diversification of the workforce.

The review addressed concerns of a clear under-representation of women in engineering and technology apprenticeships and high non-completion rates for both men and women.

Read the Apprenticeships, women and workplace culture: A literature review, released as part of the Queensland Training Ombudman’s wider Review of support provided to Queensland Apprentices and Trainees, with a focus on female apprentices in male dominated occupations, here:

Joshua Rayner
Executive Director


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Last updated 29 November 2022