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A new plan has been released today by Jobs Queensland outlining steps to support Queensland’s security industry to effectively manage and skill its workforce.

The security industry plays a key role in the Queensland economy as an employer and to support businesses and the community by supplying diverse protective and security services for things ranging from physical property and people to digital assets and information.

The Queensland Security Industry Workforce Development Plan 2020–2025 has been developed in close consultation with the industry, as it manages a changing operating environment, an increased demand for services and to meet the skills development needs of its current and future workforce.

There are 17 recommendations to drive positive, practical change. It focuses on strategies to increase attraction to the industry, improve retention, build workforce capability through professional development and enhance collaboration.

The plan recognises that to attract and retain the right people, it is important that the security industry builds a profile as an industry that provides meaningful career opportunities. This will help the industry to increase  awareness and understanding about the diversity of roles and experiences possible.

The development of the plan was guided by an industry reference group featuring security industry employers and other key industry representatives and stakeholders, including the Australian Security Industry Association.

The group provided expertise, strategic advice and access to networks to inform and guide the project. Jobs Queensland thanks the industry reference group members for their time and participation.

The partnership between Jobs Queensland and the industry to develop a workforce plan followed the Queensland Training Ombudsman review into training and assessment for Queensland’s security industry, which found a need to develop  workforce planning for the security industry to ensure peaks and troughs for skilled workers can be effectively managed.

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Last updated 26 July 2021