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Jobs Queensland is proud to be partnering and collaborating with the Queensland Farmer’s Federation (QFF) to deliver a workforce plan for the Queensland agriculture industry.

Jobs Queensland and Queensland Farmers Federation representatives

Queensland’s agriculture industry has a broad number of sectors. It is a major contributor to the economy and is a leading employer in many communities across the state.

Like all industries, the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted the agriculture workforce and its current workforce and skills priorities.

With funding and advice from Jobs Queensland, QFF will lead the project with the support of the Rural Jobs and Skills Alliance (RJSA), which will act as an advisory body to ensure different sectors are involved and can contribute to the development of the plan.

The project will deliver:

  • A workforce plan for Queensland’s agriculture industry (including an environmental scan)
  • Tailored workforce planning resources as well as access to training in workforce planning for businesses across Queensland’s agriculture sector.

It is expected that a workforce summit involving participation from industry and community leaders and government representatives will be held as part of the project later in the year.

Background research and analysis is currently underway with the first phase of engagement and consultation also underway.

It is expected the project will be completed early in the second half of 2021.

Last updated 22 July 2021