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Jobs Queensland is committed to ongoing regional engagement to ensure our work supports the needs of regional and remote communities.

I had the opportunity to represent JQ to more than 150 regional champions at the National Regional and Economic Development Summit in Toowoomba on 26-27 July 2023.

The two-day summit hosted by SEGRA (Sustainable Economic Growth for Regional Australia) was the first of its kind to be held, and had the goal of empowering and promoting rural, regional and remote communities.

As a panel member during the Jobs and Skills session on day one, I had the opportunity to raise the importance of having a diverse and inclusive workforce and the need to support our growing ageing workforce in Queensland.

The highlight of the session was facilitating the interactive problem statement: We cannot access or incentivise the senior skills workforce (67 years and over). This saw delegates brainstorm solutions and provide examples of successful strategies to overcome this challenge – it was eye-opening to hear the different perspectives from attendees in the room.

Jobs Queensland’s workforce planning resources encourage employers to rethink their employment practices to grow a more diverse workforce through the provision of best practice strategies to improve productivity and address labour and skills shortages.

On day two of the summit, I presented during the Rural Education and Learning session on Jobs Queensland’s work in delivering workforce planning and development plans and resources to support business, industry and regions.

This included an overview of the Fraser Coast Workforce Blueprint, a workforce plan that focused on four key areas for the region, and how that led to the first Regional Jobs Committee pilot.

To find out more about Jobs Queensland’s work in the workforce planning and development space at


Last updated 21 September 2023