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Why can’t I find tourism?

Tourism is not defined as an industry by the ABS but instead is an amalgamation of a number of different industries including Food and Accommodation Services, parts of Retail Trade, Transport, Postal and Warehousing and Arts and Recreation.


What’s the difference between fastest growth and largest growth?

Fastest growth refers to the rate of change and is measured by percentage, while largest growth refers to the actual number of new workers (also known as net growth).


Does Agriculture, Forestry and Fishing cover agribusiness?

No. This industry division includes businesses mainly engaged in growing crops, raising animals, growing and harvesting timber, and harvesting fish and other animals from farms or their natural habitats. The division makes a distinction between two basic activities: production, and support services to production. While there are a number of professional and other occupations that support this industry (such as accountants or mechanics), unless they are directly employed by this sector, they will be counted in other industries, such as Professional, Scientific and Technical Services.