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Minister for Education Grace Grace has announced a second round of Trade to Teach Internship Program to place 30 new Industrial Technology and Design (ITD) teachers in Queensland state school classrooms over the next four years.

Eligible tradespeople will be supported to complete an undergraduate teaching degree (secondary – with a specialisation in ITD) at Central Queensland University or the University of Southern Queensland. Support will be provided in the form of a scholarship, a paid internship, mentoring and a guaranteed permanent position in a Queensland state school upon graduation.

Trade to Teach is a 4-year supported pathway into teaching.

Successful applicants will:

  • in 2024 – commence an undergraduate teaching degree (specialising in ITD) at a partner university (CQU or UNISQ) (this is full-time study)
  • in 2025 – start a paid internship at a Queensland state school for three years
  • in 2028 – start a permanent teaching position in a Queensland state school where we need ITD teachers.

Applications are now open and close on Monday 2 October. Applicants can visit theTeach Queensland website to apply.



Last updated 22 September 2023