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4. Implement and monitor

Establish an action plan

Having a clear workforce plan that outlines your business goals and how you propose to achieve these goals, through the support of your workforce, provides a focus to your actions.

Workforce Planning Connect will help you create your action plan and identify:

  • what needs to be done, e.g. implementing flexible working arrangements, who is responsible, e.g. general manager
  • when it needs to be addressed, e.g. as an immediate priority or in 12 months

These templates will guide you through your workforce plan:

 Template 6: Detailed workforce plan (DOCX, 100 KB) will allow you to develop a detailed workforce plan.

 Template 7: Workforce action plan on a page (DOCX, 101 KB) will allow you to capture your workforce action plans on one page.

Monitoring your workforce and action plans are an important part of your business. Monitoring means checking to ensure your plans are being implemented as outlined and agreed.

It is also important to review your action plan to ensure that everything is tracking as expected and be proactive in addressing any changes before it negatively impacts business goals.

Like business and financial plans, workforce plans are living documents and should be monitored and regularly reviewed to make sure that your plan continues to meet the needs of your business.

Useful ways to evaluate your initiatives include:

  • Analysis of targets and actual results
  • One-on-one discussions with your employees
  • Informal focus groups, where appropriate
  • Employee attitude surveys, where appropriate

Your workforce plan should be reviewed and updated every year as part of the business planning process. Changes in key staff and the intentions of staff should be reflected in the workforce plan.

Your evaluation of workforce initiatives will help you identify what is and is not working so you can adjust or try something new.

Your workforce plan should be a living document and should be reviewed periodically to ensure it is being implemented and remains current and relevant.

It is important to remember that workforce planning does not need to be complicated, but it does require thought and engagement with your staff.

Implement and monitor checklist

I have:

developed a workforce plan.


Refer to Template 5: Detailed workforce plan (DOCX, 47KB)

developed a workforce action plan.


CONGRATULATIONS! You have completed your workforce planning journey.