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The project background

Jobs Queensland, in consultation with industry and key stakeholders, is developing new ways to examine skill needs in particular industries and regions now and into the future. This will be used as an input into advice and recommendations that Jobs Queensland provides about anticipated skills needs and workforce planning, both at the Statewide level and for particular industries and regions.

JQ work

Jobs Queensland held an Expert Forum in Ipswich on 9 November 2016 which bought together experts in skills forecasting, workforce development and planning and skills development with practitioner experts to inform Jobs Queensland’s approach to anticipating skills needs. Emphasis was given to creating a strong regional place-based model for anticipating skills needs.

Jobs Queensland held an Expert Forum at the Ipswich Club

Expert forum held at Ipswich club

The key outcome of the forum was to co-design principles for a place-based approach model to anticipating skills needs.

Jobs Queensland Expert Forum

Project update

The principles that emerged at the Expert Forum are informing the development of a model for anticipating future skills needs in 2017. This model will be underpinned by both scenario forecasting and economic modelling. This work is taking into account the drivers of change impacting on the future of work and opportunities to harness regional and industry intelligence.

Last updated 14 May 2018