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Project background

Addressing a priority of the Advance Queensland Screen Industry 10-Year Roadmap and Action Plan, Jobs Queensland is working with Screen Queensland and key industry stakeholders to develop a workforce plan for the screen and digital games industry in Queensland.

Queensland is at the forefront of production on new screen mediums. High-quality digital content including visual effects, gaming, app development and virtual and augmented reality platforms have the potential to stimulate job creation, create career pathways, increase the domestic market and attract global investment.

The workforce plan will:

  • map out strategic needs of the future workforce in the screen and digital games industry;
  • provide advice regarding qualifications required to gain employment and further career development within the industry; and
  • provide advice on university and tertiary graduate capability requirements to be globally competitive.

An Industry Advisory Group (IAG) has been established to provide industry expertise, strategic advice and access to industry networks to inform and guide the project.

IAG meetings have commenced and will continue regularly throughout the project.

Project stages

Stage 1: Environmental Scan

The research and analysis derived through the Environmental Scan will provide underpinning evidence to inform the project. It will also identify sections within the screen and digital games industry that present the biggest need (and/or opportunity) in relation to workforce planning and development to inform later stages of the project.

Stage 2: Consultation: Testing and validation of findings

Jobs Queensland will engage with industry stakeholders and other interested parties to test and validate findings within the Environmental Scan and inform development of key recommendations for the Workforce Development Plan.

Stage 3: Workforce Development Plan

Jobs Queensland will deliver a Screen and Digital Games Workforce Development Plan that has a five-year focus period (2020 – 2025).

The plan is scheduled to be delivered by mid-2020.

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Last updated 29 November 2022