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Project background

Jobs Queensland is committed to developing place-based approaches where industry, at a local level and supported by government, are equipped with the right tools and capacities to develop innovative employment and job creation strategies.

Critically and also practically, partnerships developed using place-based approaches can connect local leaders, businesses and industry.

At a local level, this connectivity leverages local resources, expertise and knowledge to develop shared local responses to workforce structural adjustment, local economic development and productivity.

Maryborough building

Maryborough. Photo source: Tourism and Events Queensland.

Our work

We are committed to providing Queenslanders with the training and skills they need to get into the workforce, to build a career and to provide for their families. Our role in workforce planning supports a skills-driven economy, ensuring the right skills are in the right place at the right time.

Jobs Queensland is undertaking place-based approaches to anticipate skills needs and workforce planning and development. Our projects include:

Last updated 14 June 2018