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The project background

Jobs Queensland is working in consultation with industry to develop a Skills, Training and Workforce Development Strategy with the aim of advancing manufacturing in Queensland.

The project, led by Jobs Queensland, will support the Department of State Development’s Advanced Manufacturing 10-Year Roadmap and Action Plan, and aims to:

  • identify the skills required to transition from a broad-based manufacturing model to advanced manufacturing
  • explore alternative training approaches
  • examine options to increase the industry’s mentoring role for businesses transitioning to advanced manufacturing
  • examine options to improve business capability including the skills needed to engage in global supply chains
  • examine the role the training system plays in strengthening the application of design in advanced manufacturing processes.

Advanced Manufacturing

Photo source: Shutterstock.

Project stages

Stage 1: Conduct an online survey of Queensland manufacturers and undertake an environmental scan to guide targeted project engagement with manufacturers undertaking the journey to advanced manufacturing.

Stage 2: Holding a number of regional forums across the State with manufacturing stakeholders to find out what they think is required to develop a skilled and ready manufacturing workforce. Find out when the next forum is being held by visiting our Events page.

Stage 3: Develop the draft Skills, Training and Workforce Development Strategy for the Advanced Manufacturing industry, which will bring together the input provided by industry, industry associations and peak bodies, regions, communities, employers, unions and other key stakeholders for this project.

The final strategy will be delivered to the Minister for Training and Skills and the Minister for State Development by the end of 2017.


Last updated 28 May 2018