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Jobs Queensland (JQ) and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Queensland (CCIQ) signed a statement of intent in October 2020.

The partnership signifies the commitment to supporting the Queensland small business community by:

  • building workforce planning capabilities for small and medium-sized enterprises
  • conducting joint research on digital readiness and the future of work for small business
  • facilitating mentorship and advocacy between Jobs Queensland and CCIQ to support local Chambers of Commerce to encourage capability development in workforce planning.

The activities under the statement of intent are currently underway and are expected to be completed mid-2022.

Building workforce planning capabilities

Through this project, JQ and CCIQ will work to refine and contextualise the Workforce Planning Connect suite of resources to further build workforce planning capability within small and medium-sized enterprises across Queensland.

Developed in partnership with (CCIQ), JQ’s Workforce Planning Connect resources are designed to support small and medium-sized enterprises to undertake workforce planning, regardless of their knowledge or experience.

Joint research

CCIQ undertakes an annual Digital Readiness Study to gauge how ready businesses across Queensland are when it comes to incorporate technology as a core advantage. JQ `s Future work, future jobs research identified small business skills and capability development, including digital skills, as an important element to increasing small business productivity into the next decade.

CCIQ and JQ will partner to undertake research based on findings from these two research projects, identify key insights and further explore the perceived “Digital Divide” between small and large businesses. The outcomes of this research will help inform priorities to support small business digital readiness and capability development.

Mentorship and advocacy

JQ will provide ongoing mentorship to CCIQ’s Business Support Officers so they can best support uptake of effective workforce planning by small and medium sized employers across Queensland, including the promotion of the Workforce Planning Connect resources through local chambers of commerce.


further Information

For further information on this project, please contact CCIQ:

N: Carmen Smith
P: 07 3192 0159